Woman! Your Home Depends on You…

The most critical need of the hour is peace.  Many people are without peace.  There are a lot of things jostling for our attention in the world.  In our part of the world, the economic situation has kept many hearts troubled.  Bills are piling on top of bills daily and the brunt is being borne in many homes by the couple.  Sometimes, the weight comes down heavily on the woman of the house.


The woman or the wife is the ultimate homemaker.  There is no disputing that fact.  Men and husbands provides the leadership and headship but we must not divorce ourselves from the naked fact that most often than not, all the men do not bring the bacon home!  As much as they try, the critical situation in the economy does not give them the leverage enough to become the breadwinners that they should be.  Therefore, the woman comes to the rescue.

A lot of women are playing the supportive roles but many of them are doing so grudgingly.  Let’s face it:  this is the man you loved and married.  You sincerely know that his capacity at this time is limited and that he is trying the best he can, but you still want to muscle him with stress because you are supporting him.  Do not ever do good with a grudging mentality.  It amounts to no good at all.

Ladies, we must love with all our hearts and motivate our men to go out everyday desiring to be the best they can be.  If they cannot be motivated from home, where else can they be to that extent?  Your strong pillar is your man but you too are his strongest ally.  If you wear down his self-esteem by speaking down on his capacity, he will lose steam and go out deflated daily.  That way, he will not have what it takes to make the required impact.

Do your utmost to reappraise your role in your family today and be the virtuous woman God has created you to be.


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