Men Should Make Their Wives Scream!

The joy of marriage is in creating constant sources of joy for your partner.  The home front is a place of rest; a harbinger of hope of sorts and a ground for refreshing away from the hustle and bustle of work and business life that we have to contend with on a daily basis.  Gone were the days when ladies were solely supposed to take care of the home while the men go out to bring in the bacon.  Today, in view of the economic realities and the fact that ladies also need to pursue their passion in career and purpose, both the man and woman are now afield.  It is therefore becoming a daunting challenge for the women to maintain a balance between a demanding work life and an equally challenging home-front with kids and husbands to satisfy.

It is against this interesting background that I strongly believe that every man should be the best cheer-leader of his wife.  The man’s job cannot just be restricted to being a breadwinner anymore.  He should now learn how to give a helping hand in the house as well.

In this post, let me share a few tips on how our men can give their wives a reason to scream and shout for joy on a daily basis:

1.  Be an encourager

Speak words of affirmation to your wife on a daily basis.  As she wakes up every morning, tell her how important she is to your life and those of your kids and how great it is that you were able to find her.  Tell her how much she means to you and truly appreciate her.  If there were issues that she had complained to you about in any area of her life and work; take some time to give her tips on how to overcome them and make her feel truly welcome to always share her concerns and worries with you.  Make her feel special every morning.  It has a way of making her enter the day with a lightening effect and a glow that will also have ripple effects on the works of her hands.

This should continue into the day.  Call her from wherever you are.  Tell her how much you miss her and that you can’t wait for two of you to get home in the evening.  Be deliberate and intentional about this.  On days that you are free, fix lunch time-out with her and pick her up from her office.  It will delight her to no end!  Be a cheer-leader indeed!

2.  Help out in the house

After a hectic day, your wife, like you also need rest.  Once in a while, decide to do the dishes and some littleblack-couple[1] laundry for her!  Tell her to shower and go to bed while you attend to the kids and their home-work; bath them and put them to bed and fix dinner for the whole house!  Some one may be wondering if there are men who do this.  I am glad to inform you that I am married to the most wonderful man on the plate – Mr. Olubunmi Smith.  He has done this a countless number of times and I make bold to say that there are men who do this today and they reap bountifully from this – they have the happiest and most joyful and cheerful wife one can find around.  If you look forward to a great sexual time at night, then make your wife a happy and less tired woman through the day!  You are not bribing her; you are making yourself happy in the process.

3.  Be a real man in bed

This is one area most men are culpable.  They think that being a man ends with earning a living and providing food, shelter and clothing for the wife and children.   That is very important but it is much more than that.  Being a man with a happy wife also encompasses satisfying your wife’s sexual potentials to the full.  Many women are today suffering in silence and it is the reason for the many frustrations they encounter.  African traditional setting makes it a bit difficult for women to speak out in this area but I urge women to speak up loud and clear.  Don’t die in silence.

Men, make your wives truly happy when you get between the sheets with them!  It is important that you do not satisfy your cravings alone!  Some men are so selfish or ignorant that once they are on heat for sex, all they do is to get on the woman and in 3 minutes, they are done and off they go!  That is bestial and not human to say the least.  Every man must understand the workings of the body of his wife and this comes through communication.  Not every woman’s body is the same with another.  What excites one woman in bed is an aberration for another.  It is therefore incumbent on the husband to find out the soft spots in his wife and sufficiently get her to the ultimate point of pleasure and satisfaction.

At the risk of sounding too practical and vulgar, I dare say that many women do not reach orgasm in their sexual relationship with their husbands.  While other women fake it in order not to give the husband the impression that they are not enjoying it, many are suffering in silence.  A sex life in marriage that is less than satisfactory is a breeding ground for many troubles of monumental proportions.  It is high time the men take some lessons in this area and to keep their marriage bed spicy, hot and on demand! In the final analysis, your wife’s fulfillment is critical to your happiness.  If your wife is not happy being married to you, then you are of all men most miserable.


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