Over the last couple of blogs, I have extensively discussed the power of communication as it affects the various realms of relationships ranging from the romantic to the work place.  In this particular blog, I want to round up this discourse as we take a look at four critical points by which you can improve and nurture your communication skills.couples-talking

Before we delve into these points, I would not fail to remind you that the role communication plays in our relationships cannot be over-stretched.  No relationship can survive silence, or the absence of communication; it is the soul and life-wire of every human endeavour.

Below are the four skill nurturing factors for communication as it relates to the development of your relationships:

a)      Be Yourself

Being yourself is one critical way of helping you to communicate sincerely and truthfully.  You don’t have to be like someone else.  Be comfortable with who you are.  Pretense is a clog in the wheel of effective communication.  Being truthful can sometimes be hurtful and painful to those who hear you, but at the end of the day, it pays off handsomely.


b)      Be Observant

Be careful to know when to say something and when to shut up.  There are times you may speak rightly but in the wrong time.  What you have to say is so important, you must not waste it being spoken out of tune and in the wrong place and time.  Be careful to observe and know the mood of those you want to speak to; their state of mind and their capacity for receiving it and their expected perception of the issue.  Know that as people are different, so is their individual differences.  What may mean so much to you may not move your partner, friend or colleague.  Understand what people need and communicate with them appropriately.


c)      Be Compromise for Peace

Trade-off is a hallmark of effective and enduring communication.  You must be ready to give up on certain things you hold on to tenaciously that may not be directly going against your values and principles if you do so.  Be objective enough to know that you cannot win all the time, especially if it’s about an argument with someone you care about.  You may win the argument and loss the friend.  Which will you prefer?  Look for humor in everything and lighten up when a misunderstood statement is about to create a fire-ball.


This is not insisting that you must compromise your values and principles.  No; those are not negotiable.  You must ensure that nothing takes you away from the highway of integrity in that respect.


d)      Improve on your emotional awareness

Many people run their lives from the dictates of their emotions.  You must therefore learn how to have mastery over your emotions.  It is a huge hindrance to communicating effectively.  Learn to manage your anger; take a hold on your emotional outbursts; be cautiously passionate about people you care about and do not go over-board in trying to defend them against those who you believe are responsible for certain failures or the other in their lives.

If you take seriously these four basic ingredients for improving and nurturing your communication, you will be well on your way to result-oriented and purpose-driven communication in your relationship no matter the realms you may find yourself in.




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