Give Your Partner a New Year Gift!

It has been with pleasure of monumental proportions that I have had all of you read from me in the course of 2013 as this blog on Romance and Happy Living launched in the last quarter of the year.  It has been my determined desire since that time to give you quality value that should improve your relationship and make your life happy whether you are married, single, divorced or in a relationship.  As the year rolls to an end and as we enter the year 2014, it is my desire that you make it count!  I will do my utmost to give you tips that will make the year magical especially in the realm of your relationship.

As the year tees off, it is important that you give your spouse, partner or couplesfiance/fiancee a New Year Gift.  What is that gift?  They are in two packages…


With a right attitude, you will make the year fruitful for both you and your partner.  You may have all the degrees by the thermometer but if you have no good attitude, you will have your relationship running down the hills and heading for drowning.  As you might already have known, attitude is everything.  A good attitude is the best insurance against unforeseen crisis in your relationship.  Always look out for the best in your partner and see the best out of every bad situation.  That is a good gift to give your partner this New Year.


Certain habits that have been with you from childhood may not be helping your relationship.  It could be too much of an open mouth or an inability to take in constructive advice meant for your good.  For some, it is not being able to handle household chores for ladies and hanging out with all the wrong people (for the guys).  Take stock of all the stuff that your partner complains about constantly and make a decision to take a shot at stopping them.

You will be shocked how happy and excited your partner will be if you present these two gifts to them this New Year.  Above applying your deliberate effort to effect the changes required, your closeness to God in prayers and commitment to make the year a season of a closer walk with your Maker will spice up your relationship like you never thought possible.

It is a New Year and your life will be the better for it if you make the right choices.

Happy New Year and stay prosperous for all the right reasons.



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