Relationships That Makes or Mars Your Destiny

In following up on our previous discussion about choosing the right company, I would like us to look closely at how to identify healthy relationships.  This issue is a big deal this year because it’s a major determinant of the choices you would make and how far you would go in Friends 1the right direction.

Two cannot walk together except they agree.  If you are in any type of relationship that does not esteem your values, it’s time to move on.  It could be a business relationship that has kept you grounded for years.  You could even silently be in an abusive relationship that has totally battered your self esteem. You might have forgotten who you really are.  It’s time you find yourself.  I have been able to apply this principle with great discipline these past years and it has changed my life and perception tremendously.

So how do we recognize relationships that are good for us?

–         A good relationship inspires you to pursue your life’s purpose.
It supports an excellent attitude and encourages you to operate at your optimum performance.

–         A good relationship helps you to sharpen your skill.  “Iron sharpens iron; so does a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”, so says the Friends 2Holy Book.  It encourages you to step out of mediocrity.

–         A good relationship upholds good character like integrity, faithfulness, sincerity, truthfulness, etc.

–   A good relationship helps you to confront the truth about yourself.  No flattering but a loving appraisal of who you truly are and encourages you to make changes where it matters most.

-A good relationship invests in your destiny. It’s not just about taking from you all the time but would give all it takes to see you grow and expand.

If the relationship you are in right now makes you feel incapable, belittles your ability and puts you under consistent pressure to always prove your self-worth, it is therefore dangerous to your existence. Choose wisely and choose carefully.  He that takes a flight with achievers ultimately finds and fulfills purpose. Take a walk into the light; you can do it!


One response to “Relationships That Makes or Mars Your Destiny

  1. Ajimoko Abiodun

    Value people, keep good relationship!!! This is a great insight.

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