Communication is a big deal when it comes to building a good foundation for our relationships. Good communication is the major strength of every relationship; no relationship thrives without it. Once the flow of communication breaks down in any relationship, be it a marital relationship,  business relationship or even relationships between friends, it’s always difficult to make progress beyond that level.  The lack of good communication leads to a gradual decay of a relationship that started on a good note. It’s a major lifeline between two people. When the line of communication is left open in a relationship, there is hardly any issue that cannot be resolved.

Communication is made up of the spoken word, body language and good listening ability. Good communication comes with the ability to perfectly present and pass across your message to others in a way that can be tinu blogseffortlessly understood.  Good communication adds some spice to every relationship and makes conflict resolution very easy.

This brings us to the point of asking how we can truly communicate. True communication involves respecting other people’s point of view even when we have a contrary opinion; understanding that everyone has a right to their own perception and should be given a room for self expression. Good communication gives space for feedback from parties involved in the communication process.

Good communication also involves good listening ability. Few people truly know how to listen while others are talking. Good listening ability comes with rapt attention, calmness and an objective appraisal of the issue being discussed without having a ready-made response. Developing a good listening ability is a major key to building good communication and a good relationship. We listen not only to spoken words but to words that are not spoken as well, which are mostly passed a crossed through body languages and silent expressions by actions. There are times people speak clearly through various expressions like eye contacts, touch, actions, etc. A good communicator must be a good observer.

There is an adage that says “action speaks louder than words.” Body language is a major factor in communicating effectively. It’s speaking without words and it’s often louder and clearer than the spoken words. During the process of communicating, our body language gives away the sincerity of our words. We communicate effectively when our spoken words correlate with our body language.
Good communication is also fostered by avoiding being presumptuous and being too assuming. Exhibiting a trait of assumption in our relationships makes us take others for granted. Assumption makes us relate with others based on our perception about issues without facts.  It’s a state of always assuming others should understand and know better.  This is about setting high standards and expectations for others without giving room for human errors. This leads us to breaking and crossing relationship boundaries which is always tough to fix once broken. The state of being presumptuous in communicating is taking others for granted and responding to others by reacting without facts. Good communication comes by having all facts fully established before passing on to others and giving deep consideration to other people’s feelings.

Becoming a good communicator is a skill that can be learnt and it’s an art that can be developed if we make conscious efforts. Our relationships are more enjoyable when we communicate well with others. Communication is a two way thing. He that must have a friend must first make himself friendly. We must seek to understand others then we would be understood. Words are powerful and they convey powerful images once spoken. We should be sure our words express exactly what we mean to communicate to others. We would enjoy our relationships better when we communicate constructively.


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