Falling In Love with YOU!

love you...  Love is an eternal gift given by the Creator to all mankind. It keeps the whole universe moving and keeps us connected to one another. It is on this account that we often focus on the importance of loving but we hardly focus on the importance of loving ourselves as individuals. The truth about love is that you can only express love to others when you have learnt how to love yourself. Developing the ability to love others is a gift that stems from being able to love yourself. Appreciating who you are makes it a lot easier to appreciate others around you. Those who have low self-esteem issues usually find it difficult to relate with others.  How can you relate well with others when you have not learnt to be comfortable in your own skin. How then can you love yourself?

The first step to falling in love with you is to know who you are and those things that makes you uniquely you. You must know your potentials, capabilities, talents, gifts and your limitations. Be realistic about who you are and come to an understanding that your expressions would always be uniquely yours. Understanding thus should help you dig deep and bring Love pictureinto the limelight all that has been deposited in you at creation. Never try to be someone else or be tempted to live someone else’s dream or run someone else’s race. Always believe in yourself; that you are good at whatever you choose to do. This usually creates a deep seat of confidence and helps you fall in love with who you are on a daily basis. When you operate below your potentials, it leads to self condemnation. The less you under utilize your potentials, the less you see anything good about yourself and the less you love yourself.
Love you 2 Stretch to your full potential, love everything about you, and believe you are fantastic. The more you believe this the more you develop the confidence to reach out to others. You can only give and share what you have. Loving yourself creates the energy to love others.
Another factor to loving yourself is having a good self-esteem. People only validate what you affirm about yourself. Having a good self-esteem is not about being proud or having a false image of who you are. It’s a realistic evaluation of what your strength and weaknesses are. A good level of self-esteem leads to self-respect and self-confidence. When you exhibit this, people naturally gravitate towards you. Both are virtues that speak without you saying a word. It shows you have a good knowledge of how unique and special you are.

Part of developing good self-esteem is to love the way you look physically. If you do not love what you see in the mirror every morning then do something about it. If you need to work on your weight, make sure you take up some exercises and dieting to keep fit. Make sure you look the way you love to see yourself. Paying attention to your wardrobe too has a great deal of impact on your self confidence. When you make an effort to look good and you love who you see in your mirror, it has a way of transmitting what you feel about yourself to others. It matters to love what you see on a daily basis.
Celebrating yourself also helps you to fall in love with who you are. You celebrate yourself  by pursuing your dreams and passion. Celebrate your achievements and the products of the impact you have made so far. No one else can do what you do; you are unique in every way possible. If you find it difficult to celebrate yourself, you can’t celebrate others. Those who find it hard to see something good about themselves cannot see something good about others.
Loving yourself also stems from the ability to recognize your weaknesses and limitations. Once you know what you are capable of handling you won’t over labour or make unrealistic demands on yourself. Having this in view keeps your life free from unnecessary stress. It helps you to avoid pitfalls that would expose your weaknesses while you focus on your strength. Loving yourself is the best gift you can give to you. It’s the only way to remain relevant and impactful to the people around you.
You also develop a good level of love for who you are when you are one hundred percent positive about yourself regardless of other people’s opinion as important as that may be. Whatever anybody feels about you is their opinion and it should not be the basis for how you feel about yourself. There is often error in human judgment because we often see things the way we are. Only you can know yourself better, so stay positive and true to yourself. Always remember what you see and think about yourself is what you would manifest. Love yourself and treat yourself to a lot of gracefulness and thoughtfulness. Be mindful of who you are physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally because this is what determines the total you.

Treat yourself to a lot of love. You need it.


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