Vision-Purpose-Passion: Relationship Road-Map

Every part we take in life is always intertwined with the vision, purpose and passion in our soul. There is hardly anyone successful in any area of life that does not have these three major factors to contend with. They are very important because they do have a strong effect on the core of the choices we make and this in turn determines where we eventually end up in life.

When it comes to the issue of relationships, your vision, purpose and passion must be a major determinant of what you choose, where you start, where you are now and where you intend to go. Your vision gives you sight and help you to see beyond your immediate needs. It creates a perfect picture of where you want to go.

Your vision should inform and inspire your choices. As regards relationship, it should help you choose the right man, woman, friends, team and group to work out your vision with. Unfortunately most people just walk into all sorts of relationships with what can be termed as temporary blindness and when they eventually face the consequences of not having a vision at all or not seeing correctly the temporary blindness would clear off. It’s always a case of rude awakening, when faced with the reality of haven taken a wrong turn. Your vision should determine where you go and who you choose to go with you. Every relationship would eventually face the test of time and no relationship is immune to this fact. So do get your vision right to keep your relationship intact. If you start your life’s journey without getting your vision clear and you make a double mistake of getting someone or a group of people on the journey with you, the relationship would eventually hit the rocks.
Your vision is a powerful instrument in getting direction for your relationships. Parties involved in a relationship must both share and understand where their relationship is headed. “When there is no vision, people cast off restrain”, the Good Book says. Your vision would lead you to your purpose. Join me on the next edition as we discuss the place of purpose in our relationships.


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