Vision- purpose- passion: Relationship Road Map (II)

Purpose is important to all relationships because it puts all things in proper perspective. Once purpose is taken out of any relationship it loses its essence and ceases to bring fulfillment. For instance getting married is not a means in itself, it should be a means to an end and the end is what establishes the purpose of marriage. People do not become business partners just for the funVision Couple of being partners. There is always a common course and a bigger force that keeps such unions intact.

Purpose in every relationship affirms its relevance because it gives clarity to every vision. Your vision without purpose is incomplete because purpose is what gives your vision direction. It’s of utmost importance to understand, review and re-examine your purpose on a regular basis. You must always be able to answer the questions about why you are where you are, what you want and stand to achieve. Establishing the purpose of your relationship keeps you focused and aids you in making good choices like the choice of a spouse, a friend, business partners or an appropriate staff. Choices made without purpose leads to frustration, like finding yourself on the wrong team, friendship with people who do not uphold or share your core values, or finding yourself married to a spouse who does not share your vision of passion.

Properly defined purpose makes sure you engage the company of those who are going in the same direction as you. Purpose helps you set and achieve the right goals. When purpose is properly defined it transcends all obstacles and remains your tangible catalyst for success. Your purpose keeps you on the path of discipline, it’s stronger than your feelings and emotion and it gives you the reason to go on against all odds. Your purpose keeps you in pursuit of your vision with passion. Redefine your purpose today, by relating and engaging with purpose. Let your life’s choices be purpose driven.


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