Vision, purpose and passion. Relationship road map.

Your passion is the wind and wings behind your dreams and vision. Your passion energizes and affirms your vision and gives meaning to your purpose. Your passion is the life within your soul and it strengthens your desire to succeed at whatsoever you do. Your passion is a big deal to your vision, dreams, and relationships because it keeps hope alive.. Your passion is your expression and it uniquely defines you. It enhances your ability to focus on what really matters.
Taking a look at how our passion affects our relationship, it’s clear that there is no relationship that can thrive without passion. All relationship works when passion is involved, be it business, marital, spiritual or platonic relationships. It’s not a surprise that even in the holy book it is clearly stated we can only seek God when we are totally consumed with loving Him, now that is passion.
Passion in a relationship keeps the flame alive. Nobody seeks what they are not passionate about. Once passion runs out in a relationship , the relationship would most likely crash except the fire of passion is rekindled again. We are all created as passionate beings with passion in our soul and it is given for expression. Once there is no room created for expression, passion fizzles out naturally and it is redirected to something more productive or responsive. You have the responsibility to protect your passion and make sure it applied and expressed positively to things that matter because your passion keeps you focused on your dreams and relationships.
Your passion is the air on which your relationship thrives and soars. Your passion spurs you to dream, hope, give, sacrifice, succeed e.t.c .
When passion dies in a relationship the desire to continue with a person or a group of people automatically leaves too. Take a look at where you are now , how passionate are you about your spouse, your career, your friendships your relationship with God, the list is endless. Are you merely managing or surviving in that relationship? Do you need to reignite your passion again.
When you are passionate about something it’s almost infectious, it can be felt by the next person because it creates an energy that has great depth of intensity to create change.
The amazing truth about passion is that it can be re ignited again, if you make an effort to dream, focus and light the fire again,
Fall outs do happen between couples,bosses and their staffs, business partners and friends when the passion that fuels the relationship is left to drift away. We keep passion alive when we engage the power of focus to pursue our goals. Distraction is a big enemy of passion . You must find what you are passionate about to stay alive and relevant, you must pursue passion intentionally and apply it in a positive way. Stay passionate, stay focused ,stay positive and stay connected. Rekindle the fire and find your passion!


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