Forerunners Worship Ministry

Worship Power

For a couple of years now, the Lord laid on my heart and commissioned me to do to build for Him an altar of worship by creating a platform where His children can worship Him with great release, create an awesome atmosphere where  God’s children can be liberated, delivered, inspired, encouraged and healed.  (Isaiah 61:1-3)

In pursuant of this vision, my team and I would be hosting a Worship Concert on Sunday, 7th December 2013.   This concert will be the flagship event of the Ministry during which deep worship and high praises will be brought to the altar of the King as we start the process of calling God’s children’s attention to the Tabernacle of David where solutions to nagging issues are sorted out.  We desire to see the manifest presence of God at this concert as it will also feature word-based activities that will revive the culture of worship in our personal lives.

We believe that the task of raising an enduring altar of worship is the responsibility of every true believer even though at this time, I have been entrusted with this mandate to be an anchor.  My team and I believe that you and every believer everywhere can join us in praying for the success of this event.

It is our sincere belief that your prayer support will go a long way in making the program a success as we anchor this vision.  Your partnership on this level at this time will surely bring succor, restoration and hope to many lives.


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